HCG Weight Loss Programs in Charlotte, Matthews and Waxhaw

HCG* is a naturally occurring hormone and is made by the placenta during pregnancy. One
of HCG’s functions is to insure the developing baby has adequate nutrition for development.
This same effect is used for weight loss. It is theorized that HCG acts on the hypothalamus
gland to mobilize “deep” fat stores, which in pregnancy would result in released nutrition for
the developing baby. For the purpose of weight loss, in the presence of a restricted calorie
diet, the mobilized fat is made available to the body to use for fuel, resulting in weight loss.

Is HCG FDA Approved?

hCG is FDA approved for medical conditions other than  Obesity, and is therefore used "Off-
Label". Off-label use is the prescribing of a medication in a different dose, for a longer
duration of time, or for a different medical indication than recommended in the prescribing
and marketing information by the FDA. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
approves a drug for a specific indication, physicians have discretion to prescribe it as
indicated above, or in combination with other medications in the treatment of patients.

Can Anyone take HCG?

Although HCG is extremely safe (every pregnant woman in the history of the world has been
exposed to hundreds of thousands of units), there are a few medical conditions that prevent
us from prescribing this natural substance. This will be assessed and discussed during
your physical examination.

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*Certain injections commonly used as part of a comprehensive weight loss program have either not been evaluated
by the Food & Drug Administration or have been labeled as no more effective than placebo. This website is for
informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with
your personal physician before starting a weight loss program or before taking any products or medications.