What is Medical Weight Loss?  

Medical weight loss or bariatric medicine is the medical specialty that focuses on the
diagnosis and treatment of overweight and obese individuals and related conditions.

At the Learn2Lose Center for Weight Management, Dr. Croland designs a weight
loss program for each patient. Your program may include a combination of these
weight loss treatment techniques: meal replacement products, appetite suppressant
medications, and lipotropic injections to speed weight loss.

What to Expect from Your Medical Weight Loss Program

Many people who are considering weight loss with Learn2Lose have questions about
what their treatment will be and what they can expect when they come to the clinic.
They also have questions about the costs associated with medical weight loss.

While we can't tell you exactly what program Dr. Croland will prescribe for you, we
can give you a brief idea about what you can expect to occur during your initial visits
with our medical weight loss team.  If, after looking through this information you have
additional questions or wish to schedule your first visit please call us and we will help
in any way that we can.

Your initial weight loss visit

Your first visit with Dr. Croland

Costs associated with your medical weight loss visits